Why Lawyers are Moving to Brentwood in Los Angeles

Recently, Brentwood in Los Angeles has become a favorite place among lawyers who are looking to relocate. It shouldn’t really come as a surprise, as Brentwood certainly brings a lot of appealing things to the table. Considering how toxic the work of a lawyer can be, it is but natural for these brilliant men and women to find a place they can call home in a neighborhood that will give them that much-needed break from all the hard work they are putting in.


If you happen to be a lawyer who is looking to relocate around Los Angeles, here are some of the reasons why more and more lawyers are moving to Brentwood and why you should consider joining the others who have made the move to Brentwood. There is a lot of great Los Angeles Real Estate as well, which makes the move easier.


  1.    The San Vicente Boulevard – This grass median strip is a haven for people, including lawyers who still find time to run, ride a bike, and do other fitness-related stuff. The boulevard’s historic coral trees that run from the Brentwood Village all the way to the bluffs of the beach make the place an instant favorite for those who want to stay fit.
  2.    Home to the Stars – Though the more popular and common notion is that the stars of Hollywood reside in Beverly Hills, more and more celebrities have moved to the Brentwood neighborhood in recent years. From actors to musicians, to TV and movie producers, they all own a property in Brentwood.
  3.    Peaceful Neighborhood – Lawyers who are looking for a peaceful environment for their families amidst all the stress and pressure they encounter daily do find a friendly environment in Brentwood. It is also complete with all the other essentials like some of the area’s finest private schools, superb beaches, and a myriad of shops and restaurants. Moreover, lawyers are also attracted to the place because traffic is not as bad compared to other cities in the country.
  4.    Large Attractive Lots – Another main attraction of Brentwood are its large and private lots. With most of its Los Angeles luxury homes built in these lots, it is easy for homeowners to equip their living spaces with all the nice stuff like sprawling gardens and outdoor play areas for their children. Speaking of children, Brentwood is also home to the Los Angeles Unified School District where the famous Brentwood School is located. Its campus was one of the locations featured in the movie “Chinatown” as part of the Eastern Star Home.